About Us

About Us

ARKE METAL; an international metallurgical equipment and steel processing solution provider for the supply of customized spare parts, along with plant technology and distinguished consumables for rolling mills, steelmaking plants, strip processing and tube&pipe plants worldwide, we aim to provide our clients with the best producing experience.

As an international machinery dealer, ARKE METAL is mainly active in the following sectors:
Steel Making
Hot & Cold Rolling Mills
Coil Processing
Tube & Pipe

With its extensive business network around the world and brilliant background, ARKE has significant ability to provide and supply the specific needs of its clients throughout the globe.
ARKE is constantly providing state-of-art technological solutions and equipment to its partners that will enhance their productivity and meeting the challenges of being steel producers in the local and international markets.

ARKE offers high quality consumables and cost-effective spare parts approved and confirmed by its clients that all resulted in downtime reduction and profitability increase.
With our constant partner-oriented approach, we have succeeded to gain our clients’ trust on our services through which they always rely on ARKE for every needs of their production.

So, our partners keep ARKE always in their minds.